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Explore the Central Islands and their most iconic and wildlife-filled sites from Santa Cruz Island (Puerto Ayora Town) on board the majestic Windrose Luxury class Motor-yacht. Specialized on day-tours in the Archipelago so you can get the most out of your Galapagos travel experience as you sail from island to island without having to sleep on board a boat. The highest standards for one-day excursions available to hotel based visitors on Santa Cruz island. A local run company and the dream of Mr. Pacheco as a legacy for his family is fulfilled with the best day tour operation in the islands, his experience of over 20 years operating the beautiful Encantada Sailboat (now retired) only took pause to lead the way for the world class Windrose yacht.

Thanks to it being one of the fastest motor yachts in the archipelago, you can explore two islands in one full-day tour, a first in the history of Galapagos travel, slashing travel time between islands by more than half! Sailing with Windrose is what Galapagos land based travel was meant to be.

Travel in delightful comfort with catering facilities on board for snacks and lunch, space for everyone to relax, a passionate professional naturalist guide and dedicated crew that will make your day-trip a marvelous adventure! Supporting a local operation in the Islands does not have to be a cut back on luxury. 



South Plaza | Galapagos

South Plaza & Santa Fe

1 Tage
Seals | Santa Fe

Santa Fe & South Plaza

1 Tage
Island | Chinese Hat

Chinese Hat & Dragon Hill

1 Tage
Blue Footed | North Seymour

Day Tour North Seymour & Bachas Beach from Santa Cruz Island in Galapagos

1 Tage
Bartolome Island | Galapagos

Bartolomé & Chinese Hat

1 Tage
Sullivan Bay | Galapagos

Bartolome & Sullivan Bay

1 Tage

Technische spezifikationen

  • Capacity up to 16 passengers
  • Category: Luxury
  • Areas: 3 Decks + Lounges
  • Speed: 16-33 knots
  • Guide: 1
  • Snorkeling gear (mask, tube and fins)