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Schiff: Endemic

Discover the marvels of the West islands + Genovesa island as you cruise through the volcanic rocks, isles and different island formations of the Galapagos archipelago. Observe flightless cormorants on Fernandina island, walk amongst nesting red footed boobies al El Barranco and cool off as you swim with rays, sea lions and iguanas off Isabela island. Ride in zodiacs, hike on lava and other geological formations on an 8 day tour packed with wildlife encounters and nature experiences. The Endemic is a luxury catamaran with gourmet cuisine, world class service and private balconies in each cabin.

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      • Keep an eye out for dolphins as they swim at the bow of the Endemic catamaran
      • Walk amongst nesting red footed boobies in the mangrove forest at Darwin bay
      • Swim with marine iguanas as they feed on algae off the coast of Fernandina island
      • Learn about the flightless cormorant an icon in the theory of evolution
      • Enjoy a different sunset at a distinct Galapagos island every afternoon