Itinerary from San Cristobal

Lobos Island | Galapagos

Aktivitätsstufe: Moderate

Schiff: Evolution

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      • A fun welcome excursion to Lobos Islands with hundreds of Sea Lions.
      • Boobies, frigate birds, sea lions and more at Mosquera and Punta Carrion.
      • Galapagos Hawk, iguanas, green turtles and black-sand beach at James Bay.
      • Red footed boobies and amazing snorkeling following Prince Philip’s Steps.
      • Iguanas, sea-lions, blue-footed bobbies and more while hiking in North Seymour.
      • Pristine fairy-tails green and red beaches at Cormorant Point.
      • A farewell panga-ride at Black Turtle Cove Mangrove area.